Safe Edge Ltd

Safe Edge was formed in 1989 and the aim of the company is to offer a safe and flexible edge protection system to steel framed buildings in the roofing industry.  Prior to and around 1989, there was no legal requirement for edge protection and the little that was installed was invariably by traditional scaffold companies.  Safe Edge saw a niche in the market and introduced a system that could accommodate the varying types of steelwork detail that were now becoming more common and over the years, as steelwork details have changed, several types of clamp have been designed and tested.  We can confidently say that the majority of steelwork details can be accommodated within our system.

The company has 20 employees with 14 operatives working on sites installing edge protection, safety netting and access towers.  With our standard and level of training we believe that our operatives are some of the most experienced and highly trained to work at height within the construction industry.

Safe Edge travels all over the UK working on various projects from small schools to large warehouses and has worked continuously with several of the major roofing contractors, being the preferred supplier in some cases.

To offer our clients a full package Safe Edge supplies and installs safety nets, roof access towers, mansafe safety line systems and permanent free standing hand rails.

Safe Edge is one of the founder members of the Edge Protection Federation (EPF) which was formed in 2005 and officially launched in 2009.  One of the aims was to embrace the edge protection standard BS EN13374 and develop a code of practice which has now been achieved.


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