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MK Engineering Services design, manufacture and supply a range of cost effective, modular and interchangeable fall prevention systems for the construction and haulage industries.


Our experienced design department has a wealth of experience in the Aerospace, Automotive and Construction industries and can bring this expertise into focus to solve your specific problems.


Solving problems and getting concepts from the design stage into production and beyond by the application of scientific principles resulting in a quality product that demonstrates performance, quality and consistency is one of our areas of particular expertise


All of our products are manufactured in an ISO 9001:2008 approved facility utilising Statistical Process Control (SPC) techniques as pioneered in the Automotive industry and is now the benchmark for quality control in every professional mass production environment


All of our products are rigorously tested on an ongoing basis to exceed the relevant BS EN performance requirements. Where no such requirements currently exist we take a pragmatic view by looking at specifications that may in the future be brought to bear and test to exceed those requirements. For instance, on Trailersafety we have used a combination of BS EN 13374 – Temporary Edge Protection for our posts and rails, our telescopic stagings have been tested to BS 2037 Class 1 – Lightweight Stagings with a SWL of 270kgs and the accompanying height adjustable stairs are fully compliant with BS EN 1004:2004 – Stairway Class A


Our aim is to provide solutions that are easier and safer to install than existing methods, our stairsafety systems are far quicker to install than using discarded lumps of timber and nailing them to newel posts, more importantly our systems are fully compliant with the regulations and are completely reconfigurable and reusable, making them not just safer but more cost effective over time . This innovative approach has resulted in us being in possession of a number of patents both granted and pending


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