EPF members

The Edge Protection Federation provides a service to proprietory edge protection manufacturing and hire companies by helping to establish a favourable operating environment, by providing a forum for discussion on non-competitive issues, and by means of training, education, safety and a Code of Practice provide information to ensure edge protection systems can be safely and competently installed by the user.

Membership of the EPF is available to companies that manufacture, supply, hire and install propriety edge protection systems, in compliance with BSEN 13374: 2004, to all industries. Associated Membership is also available to approved training organisations, trainers and Health and Safety Practitioners as well as any organisation with an interest in edge protection.

The EPF has taken the lead in edge protection issues and through its recently published Code of Practice it has raised the awareness for the need for suitably trained personnel to ensure the safe use of edge protection systems. As a result, EPF is now recognised as a proactive association which acts constructively and positively on behalf of its members and will continue to strive towards excellence in the edge protection industry.

By joining the EPF members will be able to call upon the expertise of the Federation and also bring new and fresh ideas that will meet the challenges required in future years.



0844 815 7274

EPF benefits

Benefits of becoming a member include:

  • Preference with some main contractors over non members
  • Free access to the latest health & safety/technical information
  • Free updates via EPF information emails
  • Free training advice
  • Free Marketing via the EPF website
  • Ability to communicate directly with the Board on any relevant issues
  • Permission to use the EPF logo
  • Chance to be involved and influence the way the industry works and the standards related to it
  • Having an active Board who are constantly working on improving the standards of the industry and the recognition of the Federation as well as having frequent contact with the HSE

To enquire about being a member simply contact us or for any further questions, speak to Joe Black on 07595 466353