EPF Code of Practice for Edge Protection

The EPF Code of Practice is an invaluable aid to understanding the large variety of different applications, and is available to provide valuable guidance. The EPF is now established as the authoritative voice of the industry and will continue to offer best practice advice as further issues arise affecting edge protection.

As there is no existing European Standard covering traditional Edge Protection systems which are developed into Containment Systems which prevent persons and objects falling to a lower level, the EPF have produced this standard to create an understanding of this type of product. This standard does not replace fully or partly BS EN 13374: 2013 – Temporary edge protection systems, but is intended as a complement to it.

Download the EPF Edge Protection Code of Practice

EPF Containment Systems Standard

Containment Systems are used in construction work, primarily to prevent persons and objects from falling to a lower level, from edges and other areas where protection is required. However, this standard does not replace fully or partly BS EN 13374: 2013 – Temporary edge protection systems – Product specification – Test methods, but is a complement to it.

Download the EPF Containment Standard

EPF Code of Practice for Climbing Screens

The objective of this Code of Practice is to assist Contractors and Developers including Permanent and Temporary Works Designers to understand the particular factors that affect this specialised sector of the industry. There are often competing requirements between safety, cost and site productivity, so a better appreciation of the design factors that impact on permanent works, the materials, the logistics and management controls required should be beneficial.

Download the EPF Climbing Screens Code of Practice

EPF Guidance Notes

As the voice of the industry the EPF is available to respond to issues that arise, and with the wide spectrum of its membership has a substantial fund of knowledge about the various construction techniques affecting both concrete and steel frames. As a source of industry guidance it is without equal.

GUIDANCE NOTE 01 – Safety Net Fans

GUIDANCE NOTE 02 – Accidental Removal of Edge Protection Systems

Mixing of Components

Never, in any circumstances, mix the components of different manufacturers, as they may have varying specifications and dimensions, and could result in unsafe conditions. The resultant configuration may not be acknowledged for responsibility by any individual supplier.
Such installations may also not comply with the BS EN 13374 Standard.

GUIDANCE NOTE 01 – Safety Net Fans