Leading edge applications can be amongst the most hazardous activities in construction, industrial and related sectors, so it essential that the best support and advice is available to ensure that it is well designed and safely installed.


Members of the EPF have designed their edge protection solutions to the demanding requirements of the BS EN 13374: 2013 Standard. The introduction of the Standard was an important advance in improving methods and introducing a known performance standard, whatever the application. Compliance with this Standard is the best guarantee of safe and reliable equipment.

The epf members

Code of Practice

An important early task of the EPF was to produce and publish the Edge Protection Code of Practice, a unique publication detailing many different types of equipment and applications, and illustrating best practice. It is now the leading authoritative work in this area.

The code of practice


Training is another key area of concern. The Edge Protection Federation members felt that there is a better way of generating a higher level of competence in the installation of this purpose-designed equipment, and have introduced an essential card and certificate scheme. This training programme will play an important role in up-skilling this sector.

Training opportunities

The Edge Protection Federation has, therefore, been very active in improving the level of knowledge and competence in the critical area of edge protection. If you have an interest in this area, please look at this website and then contact us.